Estevan C. Minnesota


please consider lowering the energy power, many more options are available to help others

Dear president,

When I was younger I always wondered why, no matter what why don't we ever run out of power and that’s what interested me. Our power system works to produce and receive energy. We use power for pretty much everything in our daily life as a student , at home , work, and even when we are on vacation. But even so everyone is uninvolved with power issues.

Today we collect most energy from coal. Coal is the most used way to collect energy instead of spending more money on our other but better ways to collect a sufficient and precious resources. Aiso I concluded that coal is not a useful resource because, we are finding more ways to produce more efficient and useful power plants.

The United States is still researching this important topic. According to the article “How does fusion energy work?” from , Fusion energy is the energy from the sun and stars. It has the potential to provide limitless supply of energy.

Another option is Nuclear energy, but it’s more costly than the other. Nuclear energy is made in power plants all over the world. hey are powered by fission. Most researchers say that fission is a nuclear reaction also known as a decay process in which atom's nucleus splits , the scientific name of this is called lighter nuclei and that creates the nuclear power we produce.

Last is solar energy or Electromagnetic Energy. Electromagnetic energy is probably the most inexpensive energy there is at this point in time. Solar energy is a natural resource which also means basically an unlimited resource so we can get as much as we need, just need solar panels.

Other reasons we should keep the energy level the same. Right now we produce just the right amount of energy for the entire country alone. Therefore we should keep the energy level the same.

We need to change our energy system to make it easy to get and affordable for anyone. Also with the new power source we can get enough energy to give power to the growing population.

Thank you,

Estevan Corral