Josue R. California

Our U.S. Drug Policy

Our U.S. Drug Policy

Dear Future President,

In our country today, 46.6% of U.S. prison inmates are in prison for drug offenses, our prison systems still keep making sad milestones. Right now, 1 in 100 american adults are in prison right now. That means that we have 2,220,300 people currently in prison, and almost half for drug offenses.

According to the New York Times, β€œOne in nine black men aged 20 to 34 are serving time, as are 1 in 36 adult Hispanic men.” Even though, statistically, whites use drugs as much as minorities, but minorities are being incarcerated at an astonishingly high rate.

Another thing to add is that many of these drug offenders are arrested for nonviolent crimes, mostly possession. What this country needs is more rehabilitation, not more incarceration. I hope you were able to read this, and please help this problem.

Josue Ramirez


Minarets High School