Brian A. California

Should Illegal Immigration be stopped?

I think illegal immigration is not a good thing in the U.S right now. I will be telling yo statistics and on why it helpful and why it's not a god thing to have.

Dear Future President,

Hello future president. I am an 8th grader in California writing to you about what I think of illegal immigration. I hope if you are going to do something about it you can read this before you decide on what to do.

One of the big issues in the U.S right now is illegal immigration, because they have started and ran a lot of illegal businesses and also is causing overpopulation in the U.S and occupies the jobs spots in the U.S.Illegal immigration is a big issue right now in the Unites States. One of my reasons for thinking this is because in the U.S illegal people has occupied many job spots.Illegal immigration is a big issue in the U.S because they overpopulate the country. The evidence I have that shows this is that there has been an estimate of 8 million alien workers (illegal immigrants) in the country, in 2010 according to the FAIR. So when the American citizens are at the age of getting a job the “aliens” has occupied the job space and don’t have the space to hire the actual citizens. Here in California there are more than 1.8million jobs taken by them and 52% of them came from Mexico(Hawkins), shows in table on FAIR’s website, so what would happen when my generation grows up and wants a job will there be many left? That's one reason I think this is an issue, because it is not fair.

Another reason why illegal immigration is a big deal is that It could bring bad behavior na people. Another reason on why illegal immigration is bad because it could bring bad people such as drug dealers, people with bad behaviors and much more. I would say it brings people with bad behavior because the things that they do to get here is illegal for example buying fake documents, stealing identities, smuggling banned items like drugs. And a lot of them make money dealing things they brought from the borders. It has been proven that they do bring crime by,, that 40% were filed for something in court, nearly 22% were drug related, 19% were for violent crimes and 10% were from white collar offences. And statistics back that illegals do bring drugs because in 2010 there has been more than 45,00lbs of drugs brought to the U.S(Mayers).

Although illegal immigration can be bad, at the same time it can be good too, because they are willing to take any job and is good for the economy.Although illegal immigration can be bad, it can also be good at the same time. My reasons to say that is because it helps the economy and they are willing to take any job to get paid. They will be willing to take a job that any average american won’t be willing to take. Like for example farming, or some kind of delivery service. One quick reason on how they help the economy is that they also have to pay taxes.Although there are some reasons on why it is a good thing I still think illegal immigration should be stopped.

-Student at Diablo Vista middle school

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Diablo Vista Middle School

Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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