Iris Indiana

U.S. Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants

October 10/28, 2016

Dear Presidential Candidate,

A variety of solutions to the U.S. illegal immigration problem have been debated, one ofwhich is amnesty. My father and my grandparents were all immigrants and most have been here since they were children or teens. It is very important to me to understand how my parents and grandparents came and were accepted into the U.S. To me, the process of a U.S. citizenship seems very difficult and confusing after hearing about it from other people. I think it needs to be addressed because immigration has been becoming a growing problem lately.

First, I believe that if immigrants were able to get a U.S. citizenship, it would be a great benefit to our country. The government would be able to earn more in taxes. More welfare dollars would be going to legal American residents. It would also contribute to our country’s diversity, and immigrants would become a part of our society. Others may disagree with giving immigrants amnesty. Some immigrants send their funds back home to their families, and it could be a drain on our funds. Also, the number of unauthorized immigrants staying for a decade or more though has been increasing for several years. I believe though that the positives outweigh the negatives of immigrants getting a U.S. citizenship.

Next, I am proposing that illegal immigrants should be able to get a U.S. citizenship. I am proposing this law because it would benefit not only immigrants, but our country. I would send the idea with some of evidence that I used to support my opinion to a representative to go through the committees. To get it through the Senate, it would have been discussed in a Senate committee and then voted on. If the majority of the senators agree with the bill, then the President can either veto or pass it into a law. I believe that with the evidence that supports my opinion and more research it could get support from representatives and senators and be passed.

In conclusion, this is important to me because illegal immigrants go through a lot in order to live in the U.S. Illegal immigrants should be allowed to get a U.S. citizenship because it would benefit our country. I would get this law passed through evidence that supports my opinion the House of Representatives and Senate may pass this law. The next President should focus on this topic, because this has become a big issue and is still growing.




8th grade

Towles New Tech

Fort Wayne, Indiana