Gina S. California

Letter to the Next President

My hopes for the economy, and topics on abortion and women's rights.

Dear Next President,

As a senior in Highschool, I’m going into a very important time in my life. I’m beginning to apply for colleges and jobs, and in less than a year, I could be living on my own. As I go into adulthood and It’s time for me to make my own decisions, It’s important to me that this country needs strong and stable economy. Education is very expensive, and the economy needs to be strong enough so that I can live properly and get the education that I’m looking for.

The issue of women’s rights is also extremely important to me. I want to have the ability to make choices for myself and my own body. It is unjust to have it any other way.

I hope that as the leader of this country, you’ll pay attention to what the people want, and do what is best for us.


Gina Smith