Jade D. California

High School Dropouts

High school drop outs

Jade Delude

November 4th 2016

High School Dropouts

Dear future president,

I am concerned about high school dropouts and how popular that is today. High school dropouts are a very common thing. According to dosomething.org there is a highschool dropout every 26 seconds. I would hope you could find a solution to this problem. I feel if there isn’t solution found soon then the amount of high school dropouts will only increase.

I think that it shouldn’t be so easy to wake up one day and decide you want to dropout of school and just give up. I realize nobody plans on dropping out but it does happen. People drop out because they don’t want to do all the work but really you ending up having to work even harder for the rest of your life. It’s a challenge to find a dependable job that you only earn average from. They wouldn't have to face this issue if maybe they had more of an interest in school.

Every kid dropouts for their own personal reason. 73% of kids say they drop out of highschool mainly because they just don’t like it. I think that if maybe school had more of a useful day to day life lessons and was more interesting, the amount of drop outs would decrease. 60% of kids say they don’t see the value of school or that there is no point of going.

So the point is to me is I hope you can consider making this issue come a little closer to an end. Are you willing to let everyone drop out of school and just give up? Fix the problem so kids learn what it’s like to have hard work pay off.

Sincerely, Jade Delude