Alize F. Texas

Are our eyes the same ?

Why is poverty such a big issue? When we have so many people who claim to be helping?

Dear Future President ,

When I walk down the streets, I see people who have characteristics of my elderly grandparents , and people who look about the same age as me. The thing that sets them apart are the conditions in which they live.Do you know or do you care that according to Poverty USA in 2014 47 million people lived in poverty .As a matter of fact are the efforts you claim to make even real. When I walk down the streets my eyes see the hunger, illness, malnutrition and the lack of education these people face. Are you just like everyone else who blames these people for being this way ? Maybe the reason they are in these situations is because of broken promises of past presidents ; or additionally a result of the world constantly changing. The poverty that we face doesn't need to be at the bottom of the fix it list on the fridge . This is a serious issue that affects many Americans ! There are people who served this country that are sleeping on the soil that they sought out to protect ! Why has this become such a big issue ! Why have we let fellow Americans fall so low and do nothing to help them up . But you tell me future president do you see what I see ?


Alize Flores