Jeremiah L. California

National Security in America

Many people are worrying about security of America due to the numerous attacks in 2016. I believe that we should worry and hope the next president will take reasonable and wise actions to help solve the problem of our National Defense.

Dear Future President,

The future of our national security is very important to the American citizens as more attacks have been hitting U.S. soil in just the past 2016 year. I feel that the national security has to get stronger, but not so much that we are isolated from other nations. Destructive attacks on U.S. soil, such as the Florida nightclub attack and the Manhattan bombing has lowered the United State’s morale but, hasn’t broken its spirit.

These attacks are reasons why we need to step up our defense in many ways, like more background checks on people coming into the country or, even raising the budget on our national defense. These are just some ways to help fix the problem of American citizens being scared of further attacks on our homeland. Another way to help our problem is creating more pressure on the ISIS defense and also show that Americans are willing to strike back if our country is harmed by foreign powers. Although this may cause the enemy to take even bolder actions, it will be a chance for us to show our power against these certain attacks. 

Last, we can exert pressure by increasing our air campaigns and also adding a small amount of troops to our ground campaign to be safe. All in all, I hope that the Future President of the United States will make wiser actions towards the problem and, do it for the benefit of all American citizens.


Jeremiah Lagundino