Matthew Minnesota

Gun Control

Gun control ismsomething that needs to be addressed

Dear President:

Over 30,000 people are killed in America every year by guns. Many of these deaths could have been prevented with more gun control. Gun violence is a real issue that needs to be fixed by gun control. We need to ban high capacity magazines and semi-automatic assault rifles and we need to do more background checks and other checks when someone is purchasing a gun.

Many mass shootings last for only a couple of minutes but since high capacity magazines and semi-automatic assault rifles are not regulated shooters can inflict a lot of damage. During the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting the time between the first shots were fired and when the shooter finally stopped was only 5 minutes. Since the shooter had high capacity magazines and an AR-15 assault rifle he was able to kill 20 innocent kids and 7 adults. If we would have had more regulations the amount of casualties could have been reduced significantly.

Many people can buy a gun without significant background checks. This leads to guns getting in the wrong hands. The shooters in the San Bernardino shooting bought their guns legally. Even though both of them were later found to have ties with ISIS and other terrorist groups in the Middle East. The FBI also said that they had been using surveillance tools to watch both of the shooters before the attack happened. This should have immediately raised a red flag when they had went to purchase their weapons. If gun shops and other places that sell guns would have a more sophisticated system of running background checks many shootings could be prevented because the shooter will not have had access to the weapons.

Many people who are opposed to gun control argue a couple things. One argument is that guns don’t kill people it’s the shooter who kills them. The 2nd Amendment in the Constitution says the we have the right to bear arms. This is a right that everyone is entitled to, but times have changed so that should be rewritten for the new generation of weapons. Another argument is that all of the people who shoot for sport should not have to suffer from people who use guns in the wrong way. This is a very true statement, but people had to give up the freedom to get through airport security quickly because of the terrorist attacks on September 11th. A lot of people have good arguments that counter gun control, but nothing is making it better so we have to try and do something about it.

If we do not do anything about gun violence in America you could become one of the 30,000 victims. People need to realize that the time to act is now and if we do not act soon gun violence could get out of control. We need to have gun control laws created and passed in congress as soon as possible otherwise the amount of deaths will sky rocket.

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