Alex C. Michigan

Gun Control

With the increase of gun manufacturing, crime rate has increased with the use of firearms, in most cases death.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

According to the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, Americans have the right to bear arms. This amendment was passed because of the imposing threat of the British soldiers and the inability of the residents to defend themselves. From the original drafting of the Constitution, no changes have been made to the Second Amendment therefore confirming that it is adequate to use guns in any other way other than what it states. Yet today, we see on television graphic images of crime scenes of where a person has been murdered with a gun. As a result of these crimes, there should be a tighter control on guns in the United States.

Pro-gun activists argue that restriction on guns violate the Second Amendment and make the citizens of the United States safer. According to Justfacts, 14 per 100,000 deaths are intentional gun deaths, excluding the amount of suicides using guns, in the United States. Meanwhile in other countries such as Japan, there is a difference of 13.93 less deaths from the use of guns compared to the U.S. There is such of a significant margin of difference because Japan has more strict laws on gun control than we do in the United States. Japan’s gun laws have more in depth background checks and a lot longer waiting period to obtain a license to be able to have a gun. Does having lack of gun restrictions in the U.S. really make us safer when there is this many killings going on? You would rather have your right to bear arms other than a net total of the U.S. to be safe?

A question to you future president, why do the people of the United States have to practice lockdown drills? It is because the use of guns are being used by people to cause harm to others. As a result, others are forced to practice these types of drills.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. If guns were to be restricted, obtaining guns would be more difficult. In conclusion, I believe that there should be gun control in the United States because of the amount of deaths in the U.S. using guns.


Alex C. 

Allen Park High School

APHS Advanced Placement Language and Composition

Allen Park High School is located in Southeastern Michigan. AP Lang studies rhetoric. Additionally, students produce text to narrate, persuade, and inform.

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