Maddie S. Minnesota

College Tuition Getting Out of Hand?

College tuition has risen greatly in the last decade. How are students supposed to pay for these outrageous costs?

Dear Future President,

The United States is continuing to see rising prices for college tuition. Yes, part of the reason is inflation, but other parts deal with salaries and school funding. According to the Wall Street Journal, it is not the professors’ salaries that are the culprit. Salaries for full time faculty have actually declined in recent years. In many cases the administrators and university presidents are the ones raking in the big bucks. Is this fair? In my opinion, the administrators do not need to have a big pay check and make students pay for it. Now of course this is not the sole reason that makes tuition high, but it is an issue we need to look a little closer at. Another culprit of rising prices is the “need” for better and bigger athletic complexes and fancier buildings. Of course I like to walk into the finest buildings on campus, but is it worth putting myself eyes-deep in student loans? I would rather see my money going straight to my education and not some fancier complexes for athletes. According to, college tuition has been rising almost six percent above inflation – six percent! That might sound like a little number, but it is millions and millions of dollars each year. I understand that tuition has to rise, but this is a bit ridiculous. I think teenagers just coming out of high school should not have to limit themselves because they can’t afford to go to the best schools. The rich kids should not be able to go to the most prestigious schools just because they have the big bucks, while kids without as much money have to settle with community colleges in their area. I don’t think any of this is fair. A plan needs to be put in place that makes college more affordable for everyone.