Shelby B. Minnesota

Dear Future President

Some characteristics you should have and thoughts on abortion.

Dear Future President,

There are a few qualities that I think you should have in order to be the best president you can be. One of them is to be truthful and honest; citizens don't want to be lied to about issues going on in the country. Another one is being organized and know what's truly going on. This one is kind of self explanatory, because if you're running for office then you should already know the problems at hand. And last, but certainly not least, don't abuse your power; use it for the better. Don't declare war because a different country did something that you didn't like. Try to make America great again.

Now I'd like to get on the topic of abortion; A highly talked about thing in America. It is very easy to get lost in the debate about this, and there are very valid points on both sides as to why it is right or wrong. If someone were to carelessly have unprotected sex and they find out they are expecting, they should not be allowed to have an abortion. Because if people think they're old enough to be having sex, then they're old enough to have a child. However if someone were to have been raped, or sexually molested and find out that they're pregnant, it should be their choice on whether they should get an abortion or not.

Yes, all lives matter and when a baby starts to develop inside the womb, it counts as a life, but if you look at the future outcomes if we were to ban abortion, then you would see that it's better to just let the mother of that unborn child decide whether they get to keep it or not. Adoption is always an option, but there's already a problem with that. There are so many kids in the system that never receive families or the love and care that they deserve, so why would you want to put another child in that position? The world population so far is 7,462,006,700 and is going up by the second. Each day there's an average of 353,000 babies born. This is a very complex problem that we have going on in this moment, and requires a lot of discussing and thoughts about it to actually come to a decision. I hope that you take the time thoroughly think about this issue in our country. I'm not pro abortion and I'm not con either. But I do believe that it should be the mother's choice. In some cases people need to have the abortion due to life threatening conditions that could cause the mother to lose her life. If we were to create a law about abortion, I strongly believe that it should look at both sides of the situation rather than enforcing a law saying that the mother has to have a the baby no matter what. That is not fair to the mother and certainly not fair to the baby if there's something seriously wrong with them that could put them in danger if they were to be born. We need guidelines and set boundaries for this, but it should be somewhat in favor of both sides and not just one; take both sides of the debate into consideration if or when we create a law about abortion.

I hope you get a chance to look over this letter, but I know you are a very busy person. Please help us resolve this issue. Thank you!

Shelby Bonneville