Troy Colorado


The United States isn't "united" anymore.

Dear Future President,

Congratulations on being elected President of the United States! I put this letter under unity, which doesn’t mean everyone should be the same, but that we should find reasons to come together. We should look at what everyone has to offer to society. Everyone is different, but we shouldn’t let that divide us as a country. Our differences should strengthen us.

As a leader, we hope that you will unite us as a team. Meaning that we need to stop fighting against ourselves and start working together again. You have been put under the burden of trying to fix a divided country. To be the United States, we must work together. United means we stand together and work through the hardships. I designed my picture to demonstrate that all of the labels we put on people are forcing everyone to pick sides. Just like the flag is being ripped apart, our nation is too. We are trusting you as President to unite our great country once again.

Sincerely, Troy-Colorado