TheTrumanMan Minnesota

Police violence/ Violence against police

Today, this issue has escalated in recent years in violence against enforcement officers, as violence committed against civilians.

Dear Mr. Or Madame President

I feel as if in recent months, the amount of Law enforcement being killed in the line of duty, as well as some of those officers killing innocent people. Due to many of the recent riots and shootings, tensions are high, and being an officer in today's world might be a more than a little stressful. Some of the incidents might be accidents, or just simple misjudgment. But we cannot afford these misjudgments. Citizens of this country must support the honorable people that protect them and the United States. And also, these officers must be able to act quickly, unbiasedly, and in a way that is fair to the situation that they are in. But now that people are thinking that all police officers act biased towards certain ethnicities or races, and that something needs to be done about it. Yes, it is true that something needs to happen, but riots, murders of innocent officers, and acts of violence will not change that situation. If anything, it would escalate it, turning it even worse. I know that not all of the officers aren't perfect, and they act too quickly, which might end the life of an innocent. But they try to do their job to the best of their abilities, and people need to respect that, knowing that most wouldn't be able to live a day in their shoes.

I think that the best way to solve this continued cycle of mistrust and violence is to understand each side of the coin. The people that don't believe in the acts of the law should understand the stress and workload of being in that job, knowing that everyday you go to work, you may not come home. And for the police to understand how the families of the victims feel, and the general public. From their perspective, innocent family members died because of the color of their skin, or their family member was killed because that officer thought negatively of African Americans. But, in reality, most enforcement officers make rash decisions fearing for the life of themselves, and those around them. Both sides need to express their concerns or worries about each other, and the violence needs to stop. I feel that this is an important issue because of recent events that have happened involving the jail that my mother works at. A suspect admitted to waiting in the jail parking lot, with an intention to shoot any officer who went out during a shift change. This was in response to the recent acts of violence and riots involving African Americans.


A concerned citizen