Jaydon D. Ohio

Police Brutality

More African Americans are being killed than Caucasians.

Police Brutality

It Affects Black People More Than Whites

Dear Future President;

Today I’m going to talk to you about a major issue in this country, Mr. Trump. As you know the police do a great job of protecting us and making me as a white male feel safe. But the African-Americans of this country feel different and frankly I agree with them. Police get away with murder and that’s not okay. The only thing that separates me and you from a police officer is a badge and a gun.

According to infoplease about 63.7% of this country are white people. About 12.2 % of this country are black people. Because of this people think the black lives matter movement is a joke and offensive because “more whites than blacks are killed”. According to International Business Times 708 people have been killed this year by police, 173 of those deaths were in fact african americans. 325 of those same people were white, so technically more whites are killed than blacks but blacks have a higher chance of being killed.

Black people are suffering, that’s a fact. It’s crazy that a black man gets pulled over while driving his lamborghini because the officer thinks it’s stolen. When a black man is reaching for his I.D and gets shot and killed by the officer you should know something’s wrong. The police sure do a wonderful job of protecting us, Maybe just the whites. It’s not okay for a black man to walk out of his door and fear for his life because the very man that’s supposed to be protecting him is shooting people with pigment in their skin. A black professional football player should be able to peacefully protest without people bringing his money into the problem.

As president you need to unite this country as one. Police officers need to have consequences for their actions when they kill a man. Whether it’s losing their job or being imprisoned , when a cop shoots someone that didn’t have to be shot they deserve justice.


Jaydon Donahue