Dylan H. Colorado

College tuition

I will talk about how college tuition should be lowered.

Dear future president,

       I think that college tuition is too expensive for people that want to get a good education. Going to college is a huge part in a young adults life. For some people it is too expensive, and I think that the cost for a good college is just to high. If someone is a good student who works hard, but can not afford a good college seems to be unfair. Having a good student being punished by not going to a college they want to because they can't afford it. It should not be the students fault if they cant go to the college they want because their family or they cant afford it. Overall some colleges are too expensive for some students and should cost less so students can reach their full potential. If we don't get into a good college it will also effect our job we have later in life. College is a very important part in our lives and everyone should have the opportunity to go.


Dylan H.