Alexander New York

Animal testing is wrong

Animal testing; Animals are being tested every day and are harmed in these processes. Animals can’t always defend themselves. There are over 26 million animals tested in the USA a year. Imagine how many are tested around the world. The cats and dogs dumped on the street all around the USA may be because of financial reasons or the family didn’t want the animal. Either way they are taken to the pound then scientists can take and test on them wasting government funds for beauty products and science experiments. There are beauty products that people use today, and if you're wearing some form of beauty product, most of these products are used in testing. cited work:Jeremy Bentham,The Animal Liberation Movement,, oct 25,2016 another is: Questions and Answers About Biomedical Research, humanesocitey, , oct 25, 2016

Troy High School

Mr. Mo's Amazing English Students

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