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The Effects of Deforestation

Deforestation is destroying a huge piece of our world and it must stop.

Dear Future President,

Deforestation is a big issue because it is destroying a huge part of the world which will lead to a shortage of supplies for further generations, it is also harming the wildlife that is part of those forests.

Rapid deforestation is putting the future of our planet at risk because of our commercial greed. Strict laws must be passed and implemented in order to ensure sustainable cutting of trees. Trees are being cut down at a pace too rapid for our own good. What are they being cut down for? Money! We are quickly loosing a huge part of our planet due to the greed for money. Money won’t help if survival on earth becomes a challenge. If we do not stop this rampant deforestation the quality of life will decrease for future generations. We need to take a big step towards reversing this trend before it is too late. 

Wildlife is dying out rapidly because our commercial needs have been given too much priority. We must make the cutting down of trees more sustainable. The issue is affecting not only humans but the animal kingdom as well. Reportedly 137 species of animals die every day due to deforestation (“index”.). This is how quickly we are destroying life on earth. We need to realize that animals, plants and human beings share a common ecosystem and are interdependent on each other for our survival.

It is not practical to ban cutting down of trees altogether because there are several commercial benefits provided by deforestation which must be taken into account. We must develop a sustainable form of deforestation. Although the facts listed above are true there is a lot of commercial benefits that come from deforestation. Several industries such as manufacturing construction and pharmaceuticals use trees to bring us several benefits of modern day life. These industries also provide employment for millions of people. Therefore it is unrealistic to stop the deforestation of trees.

As a result we need to balance our commercial interests with the survival of our planet and cut down trees in a sustainable manner. I hope you will take all these facts into consideration while strengthening the current laws and their implementation in this area.



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Diablo Vista Middle School

Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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