Francisco M. California

All Animal Lives Matter Too, Right?

Animals all around the world are being neglected, abused, hunted, killed and forced to live on the street. These animals did nothing to deserve this fate. Animals are lives too, aren't they?

Animals all around the world are being killed and hunted, their habitats destroyed by human expansion. Why is this happening? Why are their habitats are being destroyed? To whoever the new president is, please help stop this destruction of animals that might lead to their extinction, you can help stop this. 

Since the last decade, animals have had their habitats destroyed due to human expansion. Trees and forests gone due to human expansion. Even animals are being killed due to human expansion. All of these actions are drastically changing our environment and as we build and expand more. Although, we do need this land to have new families live and call home, it is still unacceptable to take land that is claimed by animals who thrive. Animals have been affected by these changes and we loose animals by the thousands each year. 

Species of animals who live in these forests are cut down to the small amounts which means that they are on the verge of extinction. Animals such as the Blue-throated Macaw, Brown Spider Monkey, and the Siberian Tiger are some of the animals who are being close to extinction. Not only these animals are being extincted, but many other species as well.

Many animals are being hurt due to these causes. These animals don't deserve this and should be left alone in their habitats. Animals should have much more rights than the ones they have now. Please whoever the next president is, you can help us stop this abuse and destruction of these species.