Helen Washington

Animal Rights

Animal rights are important to every animal, because not every animal is protected by rights.

Anne M. and Helen J.

Olympia, WA

November, 2016

The Next President of the United States

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Next President:

Animals need to have rights, just as people do. Animals are experimented on, hunted for clothing, kept in cages for entertainment, and are farmed. Those farmed animals are raised in horrible conditions. If people were in places like this, then what would we do? We would stand up, and take action against this problem. Why don’t we do this for animals? After all, animals are living things too. We should leave the animals to their own devices, not kill them or enslave them. If we are really caring beings that we think that we are, then why don’t we help animals? I know that it may be hard to act, but we still should.

When movie directors need animals, they will likely end up killing the animals eventually. For example, in some ancient Greece movies many horses are killed in battle scenes were killed. Those animals did not needed to be killed. Also, zoos and circuses may be fun to go see, but the animals are kept in unsafe conditions. Animal mills are also not a good thing. Animal mills churn out dozens upon dozens of animals. The mothers are worked to exhaustion, then killed when they are not able to reproduce. They are fast-pressed to make animals. The people operating these mills take no care into raising these animals properly. The pens they are kept in are filled with deposits from the animals, unsanitary water and food, and under socialized animals. This could have been one of your animals, how would you feel then?

If this problem with animal rights didn’t exist, then we would not have people eating animals, everyone would be a vegan because no animals would die except for natural causes. We would not cut down trees for space for land, so that animal could live in the trees and the forests. We would not have animals as pets because they would have equal rights as humans, there would not need to animals sanctuaries, because animals would be free to roam wherever they like and they would likely evolve to have near human intelligence, that some animals already have. It would be good for the animals to have near-human intelligence because they would be able to survive in the wild better.

I recommend that we end the animal mills. They are very unsanitary. The next step would be to end the animal portion of the circus. People came come to see human performers. Zoos would be fine to keep, as long as you make them more like their habitat, and treat the animals well. The animals need more space to move around. If you have been to the San-Diego Zoo, you have seen the amazing enclosures they have there that look amazingly like their habitats in the wild.

People would feel better that they actually are able to do something good about animal rights. If we are able to have rights, why shouldn’t animals as well? We need to take a step in turning space into better animal habitats, and not to destroy the remaining habitats they have. Animals need a place to live, just as much as we do. The next step would be to end animal poaching. Animal poaching is the hunting of animals, usually in secret. There need to be more animals in the world, and not kill the animals in this world in order to have animal rights. People will not be able to go hunting, Animals need to have rights so that we can all live more peacefully.


Anne and Helen