Justin F. Illinois

Right to protect

The second amendment is needed to protect people from threats, and must not be repealed.

Dear Future President

On June 12, 2016, a nightclub was attacked and over 40 people were murdered. Because of this mass murder, many people are considering to take away the second amendment, our right to have firearms. However, this will cause much more panic, and will leave millions of people helpless to defend themselves. 

A main problem that multiple people have with the 2nd amendment is that it can easily help people get their hands on a full auto machine gun and start shooting rounds into the public, and no one would expect it because they got that firearm legally. They actually did not get it legally, but stole it from the military, because a quote states “actual military rifles are not manufactured for the American market and haven’t been on over a generation.” The second amendment supports someone legally buying and owning a registered firearm, not stealing a machine gun from the military or police.

People are not only scared of people getting shot at, they are afraid of their children dying from suicide and guns. A child could easily kill themselves. But in reality, there is a very small number of gun-related child deaths in the country when compared to children dying from cars accidents. In a quote, it states “Cars actually cause exponentially more child deaths. Sure, there are plenty of reasons why we can’t compare cars to guns. But if you want to take something away purely for safety, why wouldn’t cars be the natural starting point?” If we simply take something away from all the people just because of risk of death, then we will never have anything at all in our lives. All things could kill us, but people are trustworthy to not kill themselves.

The second amendment was put in place as a chance to fight back if the government was becoming oppressive, not for use of a sport. In a quote, it states “However, the bill of rights was created to ease the citizens’ qualms about having a federal government.” The government cannot repeal the second amendment, because it is something that all citizens have for themselves, and it is the country's failsafe to stop a new king from rising.

Nobody should have problems with the second amendment. It can help people protect themselves and others, and will continue to protect people as long as it is not repealed.

Gurrie Middle School

McGovern Period 3/4

Ms. McGovern's Period 3/4 ELA Class

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