Abner C. California

The Nation of Union

The nation needs to help the poverty of people together and we can have an beautiful community

Dear Mr/Mrs President,

                  I feel there are somethings I am hoping you can do to make the America economy better for not only the wealthy ,but also those in poverty. I feel the wealthy are sometimes too selfish in the way that they do no help others in need, while those in poverty seem to help themselves and also others. There are different levels to poverty and some are more harder to help ,but I feel we can help those in need together, United.

                 I feel that those with money sometimes want to help ,but they are scared that once they help they are attached and always need to help. I feel that there should be nation wide fundraisers every year for very special causes and maybe even for the national debt of the United States. This may help those scared of being attached not feel that way. Also, this show how people react to a cause and see who is willing to give instead of holding on to their time and money.

                I also think the wealthy need help because not always ,but sometimes there is a wealthy person who doesn't use their money correctly and could have used the money for a better cause. There should be an organization that helps these people learn how to manage money and those in poverty can invest small amounts and save slowly getting out of poverty. This can also help those in poverty learn how to make money from less.

               What others may feel can be very different I understand ,but this may only happen because people are so used to not giving. We as a nation need to start new habits of helping each other and giving to those who really need it. Some people who can't donate should try and donate time to the community. Together we can get better community.

                So Mr./ Mrs. President will you continue in debt and not help in those in need? Or well you show that money isn't just spent ,but also invested for more in return? You will be responsible for families around the U.S. begging for change because they can't live with the couple thing they have. Make your choice and even your own changes to help save the millions in need. They need YOU!

Santa Clara High School

Flowers English 9 Honors

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