Autumn C. California

Education is Important.

Children all around the world are not getting an education they deserve, children who don’t get an education will have a hard time as they grow up.

Dear future President,

 Children around the world will have a hard time growing up because they aren't getting an education. Education should be viewed as important because some children around the world don’t get to have an education, children who don’t get an education at a young age will have struggles growing up. 

Poor Children around the world don’t get to have an education that they deserve, because they don’t have the proper resources and supplies to support a good education for their children. All around the world children are not getting an education. There are many countries around the world that can afford to put their children in schools.” Girls are far less likely to attend schools than boys in the poorest countries.” Says (Shepherd). Everyone deserves an education.

Children struggle as they grow up without an education because knowledge helps people get a job and jobs help provide for families. People around are world need to let children know how important education is. Education helps kids have a better future. It is important that children have knowledge because it can help them grow up and become leaders. “We want our youth to be educated, to be up to date with current issues, and be able to provide knowledge to the next generation. Says (Mckay). Knowledge is very important in a child’s live.

Some people feel like school is too hard on students and is not the most important thing in life, because students need free time and a time with no stress. Some people think that schools are putting a lot of pressure on students. They feel like children shouldn’t have to do homework in their “free time”. “ We must stop the infringement on students free time. Their vacations are not ours to control.” says (ripp). These people believe that school and education is not the most important thing in life.

In conclusion education should be viewed as important because in some countries children don’t even get an education. Children without an education will have a very troubling time while growing up. Every child should have the chance to receive an education. So what can you do to help? Children and families should know how important school and education is.


Autumn C.,

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Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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