Maurice B. Missouri


Student should not have homework

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

Everyone has either experienced or knows someone that has experience the pain of doing homework for school. I think you should decrease or take homework out of schools for 3 reasons. Reason #1) When out of school, students should have time to themselves. Reason#2) The work teachers put on students is work they put on themselves. Reason#3) Homework causes stress and/or health problems.

My first reason is that when students are out of school, they should have time to themselves. Some students have activity clubs outside of school, jobs, or even family or friends they would like to interact with from time to time. Time is valuable. There are not enough ticks in the day for us to do all the stuff we would like to. School already takes up about 7hours of our day, and that’s just without after school activities. Which could take an average extra 2 hours depending on the activity. BY the time students get home, they are exhausted and want to just lie down and do nothing because of all the work they have been doing day after day.

Which brings me to my second reason. The amount of homework teachers give students goes right back to them. I do believe it is true that teachers have homework too. My eighth grade teacher told the class that his homework was to grade ours. The whole class laughed. Then we thought about it… On another occasion, it was towards the end of the second quarter, first semester; my eighth grade algebra teacher told the class that she bought a new house over the summer and her living room is filled with homework papers from all her classes. She says she cannot grade most of them within a week because she has family to see, places to go, she also goes to school, and on top of that, she has bills to pay. That’s a lot of stuff to balance at once. If one of those fail, there would be big consequence for her…. On a normal day, a high school teacher teaches more than 150 students. And how many high schools are in the United States? Let alone elementary and middle schools. One thing I love the most from teachers is when they say something like,” Why are you throwing that paper away? That is a waste of a tree.” Each time I hear that, I just think of all the papers that they give us and where it all ends up, the recycling ben.

My third and final reason is that homework causes stress and sometimes health problems. Research show that some student receives more than higher amounts of homework than experts recommend. When students are pushed to handle a workload that’s out of sync with their development, it can lead to significant stress for children and sometimes even parents. All of the homework that students receive may lead to family stress, especially when parents with limited education are not confident to help there kids with the homework.

Those are my three reasons on why I think it would be better if there was no homework. I think it would be better if students wouldn’t get homework because there would be a less likely chance of it getting lost or not in the grade book thus making the student do it again.



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