Mason H. California

How Plastic Bags Are Ruining Earth

This is why plastic bags should be banned from society. They are harming animals and ruining the earth.

Dear Mr/Mrs President,

Today I am going to explain to you what I think about plastic bag usage around the world.

Some people may not think much of plastic bag use. C for instance, compare it to global warming. You might think that they don’t have the same effect. But, think again. Because they could both potentially have the same effect…. Destroying Earth.

Plastic materials and bags should be done away with because they are harming animals and they are creating massive unnecessary landfills

One reason all plastic bags should be banned is because they are being consumed by animals such as turtles, penguins, seals, various birds, and fish.

I know this because current research has been done on plastic bags and materials clogging the oceans and beaches. What they found was astonishing. There were dead birds, seals, and turtles, and when they were opened up and inspected, there were plastic bottle caps, plastic bags, and plastic rings from water bottles all undigested. According to Animal Friends Croatia (AFC), tens of thousands of sea animals die from plastic bags each year. This may be a cause in future extinctions in these animal species. Also according to the AFC, in 1998, a pelican that was later named Pete, was found dead on a beach. Scientists would later figure out that the Pelican ate 17 plastic bags, instinctively thinking it was food. Plastic bags are making animal’s lives harder.

My second reason as to why plastic bags and materials should be banned is because plastic everything creates huge unnecessary landfills on beaches and, believe it or not, in the middle of oceans.

Yes, that’s right oceans. According to National Geographic, there is a giant patch of pure garbage (90% plastic) the size of TEXAS floating in the ocean in between the west coast of the U.S. and Hawaii. This ocean dump is most famously known as The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. But wait, there’s more. There isn’t just one patch, there is a SECOND one ALSO the size of Texas! However, this one is floating off the coast of Japan. In all, the entire Great Pacific Garbage Patch covers a distance of 7.7 million square miles! ( Do you really want our world to be a dump? Either find a way to tell the whole planet to properly discard their plastic, or ban plastic bags!

Although plastic bags are harmful to the environment, they are very helpful in our daily lives because they carry our groceries, and other plastic makes up water bottles, packaging, and lots of other useful materials in our daily lives.

Plastic bags make it easier to carry things, because they are lightweight. Also, they are cheap, and easy to store. Plastic helps package many things in our daily lives ( Some websites and sources may even say that plastic bags are harmless to animals and that they don’t make up for any landfills at all, but that is not true!

Plastic bags should be banned everywhere in the U.S. Although it seems as though plastic bags are making our lives easier, just think about this. Our lives aren’t going to be easy once or planet and our oceans are just one big dump! Think of all the animals they’re harming! It’s only a matter of time before they drastically affect us too.

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