andrea t. California

Dear future president

Overall, i hope the president will do a great job with his job as president.

Dear future president,

My name is Andrea Tejeda, and i live in San Jose, CA. I am writing you because i believe America is strong and is capable to work together. When you are president i hope that you will help Americans by listening to their opinions and thoughts and maybe take them and fix what they think needs to be fixed. In my experience, i think everyone deserves to get their thoughts heard.

Immigration is an important issue in America because their is not only Americans living here in America but people from many different countries. I believe that people should not get deported and not only Americans living in America is okay because everyone that lives here cares and has respect for our country. According to Hillary Clinton it can be said that she cares and knows what’s best for our country and agrees with the fact no one has to be deported. She demonstrates many things she’ll fix. Based on research Donald Trump draws attention to the fact that he will build a wall and i feel like it’s unnecessary.

In conclusion, there are my thoughts and opinions. When you are president i hope that you will support laws that will do nothing but good to our country and to our people. I also hope that you will have the best of luck as a president.


Andrea Tejeda

Campbell Middle School

Ms. Caudle's Class

Ms. Caudle's eighth grade classes at Campbell Middle School

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