Alastair P. California

Gun Control in America

What I am going to be talking about is gun control. Gun control is really getting out of hand because people are getting injured and killed for no reason.

Hi, my name is Alastair Patterson and I go to Diablo Vista Middle School.

Gun control needs to be controlled right? I agree because other people are getting scared of getting hurt or even killed.

Gun control is getting out of control because people are getting killed for no reason and a lot of people are scared of getting killed or hurt.

We need to be aware of gun control because a lot of people are being killed for no reason and people are getting really scared.A man named Jeff in 2003, he lived in Memphis, Tennessee and he was shot eight times, two in the head.while he fled to his car. Jeff also fired his firearm at him with a license and he was defending himself and he was shot and killed(Sarah Jacobs). Stories like this are really bad because people are getting killed and it is getting out of control.

Also people need to be aware of gun control because people are being scared and it can change your life or even end your life.This young girl has changed her life because of one bullet into the back. Her name is Martha and she lives in Columbia, South Carolina. Martha is a student at University of South Carolina. She and her friends were waiting for a taxi and then a gang member shot her in the back. She is alive still but she is paralyzed from the neck down and is in a wheelchair for the rest of her life(Sarah Jacobs). People need to be aware of this because your life can change in one gunshot and it could even kill you. We all need to be aware of gun control and we need to stop it fast before anyone else gets hurt.

Some people believe that anyone should be able to own a gun because having a gun is our 2nd amendment right. I don’t think that anybody should just walk in and buy a gun because people can take their gun and just start shooting. There are some stupid people that would do that and they could even shoot someone and kill them and it would be really bad in the end. We can’t risk that because other families would be very sad if they lost someone they loved. I agree that people can own guns they just has to have a gun license.

In conclusion, now you see that there are random people being killed for no reason and we all need to be aware of this or this can happen to you. But, if you have a legal license for a gun, you can have it for your protection. If you want to shoot it, you have to go to a range and you can shoot your gun. Overall, we need to fight for more strict gun control laws.


Alastair Patterson

Jacobs, Sarah. "10 Heartbreaking Stories from Gun-violence Survivors in America." Business Insider. Business Insider, Inc, 21 Aug. 2016. Web. 06 Nov. 2016.

Diablo Vista Middle School

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Zhebel - English 8

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