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Why Should We Use Renewable Energy?

Burning fossil fuels is unhealthy for people and the environment. There also is a limited amount of it in the world.

     Constantly burning coal and running nuclear plants to get energy is really contributing to global warming and is very unhealthy to the human population as well as the animal and plant populations. The United States is a world-wide power. If the US starts to use renewable energy, many other countries will follow. The United States is a world-wide power. If the US starts to use renewable energy, many other countries will follow

     If we change from burning fossil fuels to renewable energy, it will make Americans healthier. Burning materials like coal for energy releases lots of gas into the atmosphere. With all these power plants, the air is dirty and unhealthy. The air can cause cardiovascular problems, pulmonary cancer, pneumonia, leukemia, liver and other types of cancer, birth defects, and premature deaths, according to Environmental Pollution Center. That isn’t the only thing, however. Air pollution, along with causing global warming and human deaths, also creates acid rain, and depletes the ozone layer. It also causes a thing known as Eutrophication, which is when a big group of nitrogen gathers on a surface of water and develops, forming an algae that infects fish, plants, and animals.

      Another reason why we should use renewable energy is that we have unlimited amounts of it. Unlike coal, which will eventually disappear if we keep on using it, renewable energy could be from the sunlight, waves, or wind. Instead of harming the environment, we could use it for energy. For example, in 2012, Hurricane Sandy damaged fossil fuel electric generation systems in New York and New Jersey. This left millions without power. Other renewable energy projects in the northeast weathered through the hurricane without much damage.

     Getting the United States to use renewable energy will take a lot of time and money. Switching the US from burning fossil fuels to using turbines and solar panels won't take 24 hours. This project could take decades and cost millions of dollars. Many jobs can be lost, and many will be homeless.

     In conclusion, if the U.S. switches to renewable energy, the environment will be cleaner, the population will be healthier, and when gasoline or coal prices go up because of a shortage of those supplies, Americans won't be paying for them. Because America is a global power, then many countries will follow. Many jobs will be lost, but will be replaced by the different categories of jobs that renewable energy presents.

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Zhebel - English 8

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