Chia S. Minnesota

Environmental issues

Environmental issues is a major issues that shouldn't be igroned.

Dear future Mr./Mrs.President,

I congratulate you on becoming the next President, for you have won the votes and the hearts of many people. I’ll get straight to the point and ask that you make the first move on environmental issues. We humans have become so advanced that we build buildings that are high as the sky, machines that wash our clothes and dishes, and we even build airplanes and cars to help us with transportation.

We humans are ⅔ the reason why environmental issues happen. We polluted the air by burning too much fossil fuel, we threw trash into the ocean without thinking what would happen if there were no more oceans, and we don’t recycle as much as we should, making trash piles build up even more. We are also the reason why global warming and climate change happen to this day. Animals and plants are dying because of what we do to nature, and also because of our pollution.

Here are some reasons why these disasters are happening and are causing more harm and damage to our planet. One of the problems is nuclear waste just being thrown into ponds and lakes like throwing away candy wrappers. This causes harm to the animals and plants around that area, it also causes animals to deform because of their DNA coming into contact with the nuclear wastes. Plasticulture is also happening everywhere because it is easy to make and affordable, but it is just too much for nature to handle because it’s everywhere. It also hard for it to decompose.

We are cutting down too many trees for no reason which makes it hard to clean the air because trees recycle the air, which means it recycles CO2 or fossil fuel gases, and CO2 in the air is bad for humans, animals, and the planet. Air pollution is also one of the reasons why climate change is happening everywhere today. Some of the damages that climate change has caused is glaciers melting in the North And South Pole, which is making sea levels rise, and animals in the north and south are losing their homes due to it. Another problem that climate change has caused is making the temperatures during the months change; for example, this November felt like spring because of the temperature reaching as high as 60 degree outside. Spring feels like the middle of summer, and summer is becoming just way, way too hot for us living creatures and earth to handle.

If we started the issues and problems, then we should stop it by finding a solution. We can start recycling our waste, such as plastic, and finding a use for it. For instance, instead of using plastic bags we can start using paper bags to make shopping much greener and safer. And by recycling our garbage more, we can start reducing the pile of trash stacking up and reduce trash being thrown into the ocean, which can save many sea creatures’ lives. We can be greener by using more solar, wind, or water energy to power our electronics. By building more greenhouses, we can lower rates of climate change and will stop burning fossil fuels, which is a really good way of stopping oil spills in the oceans. Planting more trees will recycle the air, making more fresh air which is really good for humans, animals, and plants too.

If we start a problem or an issue we should be the one to solve it, instead of causing more trouble. The final way for you to step up, Mr./Mrs. Future President, because you are now the president and can make big differences, by just saying a couple of words you can motivate a person into doing something great and amazing. Thank you for reading my letter and knowing how great an issue this is.


Chia Sangwang