Jessenia G. Minnesota


Fracking destroys are planet.

October 10, 2016

Dear Next President

I would like to share with you about what’s been bugging me for a while and I hope that you would do something about it. The people who work for fracking

are destroying the farmers soil,animals,crops,land, put too much chemicals, exposes water/air, famers getting illnesses, and being moved out of their homes.

The soil has been on this earth for thousands of years now why would we destroyed it by fracking. The chemicals they are putting in is destroying good healthy soil for are crops to grow nice and healthy for us to eat and other living things on this earth. July 21,2011 Chantal Masrtieau article “5 things to know about fracking and food” not all the chemicals cause the soil to become acidic or infertile but gasses can also be released in the ozone can camper crops growth. If our soil goes bad we wouldn’t have any good crops to grow nice and healthy to eat and are grass and trees helps us by reproducing our fresh air we breath in. In Wyoming their field has been failed in 2009 emissions standards “they record higher ozone levels than those in Houston and Los Angeles” said Hauter.

Animals has been dying because of fracking. Houses of the farmers pets have been losing their hair on their bodies because they have been drinking the water or just being outside helping out the farmers. February 9,2012 Rob Wile “STUDY: fracking chemicals are killing and Neutering pets and farm animals” the animals are being exposed to the water weather through the ingestion, respiration, and skin contact have been experience major neurological and digestive having problems of reproducing. Without are healthy animals we will have less food for are cities to eat and we soon start to starve to death. 17 cows were killed in one hour when the fluids of fracking has been released into the pasture.

Water is a huge deal because that’s where all the chemicals go in first and make everything else affected. The water change into this light brownish color and sometimes can you bubbles popping up. You can also see some rubber forming in the water because of how much chemicals they have been putting in to get the oil. Some of the farmers has put their water into cups or water bottle and light them on fire and it will go on fire. People have witness it and told the people who work for fracking to taste the water and to smell the water even told them what’s the color of the water that fracking is doing.

We need to open our eyes and see that we are destroying other things that have been here for thousands of years. We shouldn't harm it or make it go extinct. My solution is that we can minimizes the fracking or make some cars that don’t really need gas/oil to get underground and ruining other things we are disturbing. We could also pick a spot that is far away from the farmers animals and soil so they won’t get harm to it as well. I hope you fix the problem we have been having and make this place a better place.