Bee y. Minnesota


Abortion should be banned.

Dear the Next President,

You might have known or you may have forgotten, that our race’s future, our legacy are passed down to our children. They are the next generation, the one who will carry on when we pass. They are the one who will likely fix our mistakes. The one who may make great changes in history for future generations. However, our legacy are fracturing and disappearing because our children are dying before they ever set their eyes upon our world. Our world of beauty and chaos. Abortion should be prohibited, ban because it is killing our future generation, an act of murder and lastly, they didn't have a choice to being the bearer’s child.

As our country continues to grow, we are losing people in the shadow. In 2011, 1.06 million abortion were reported (Abortion). That means that we could have gotten 1.06 new people added to our society, to that generation. A generation that my younger sister was born in. In 2012, for every 1,000 newborns, we are losing 210 children to abortion (Data and Statistics). The number of abortion per day is approximately 3.315 (Abortion Facts| Facts on Abortion | Abortion Facts and Statistics). Our country today has a total fertility rate of 1.87 children per woman (The World Factbook: UNITED STATES). This rate is lower than 2.1 which is the replacement rate of a country. With a rate of 3.315 abortion per day and only a fertility rate of 1.87, our country will slowly decline.

Abortion in a sense is an act of murder. The definition of murder on Merriam-Webster is “the crime of deliberately killing a person”. A person is a human being and a human being is someone of or related to humans or with human characteristics (Merriam-Webster). However, what makes a person a person? According to Anderson, David L. “a person is the kind of entity that has the moral right to make its own life-choices, to live its life without (unprovoked) interference from others”. The unborn, after 18 days, will have a beating heart as well as blood pumping through their veins, blood that may differs from their mother (By Eight Weeks). In the United States, punishment for first degree murder is life without release (First Degree). First degree of murder is the person willingly murdering the victim. Abortion in a sense is first degree murder. The bearer when looking to abort the child, know what they are doing. Abortion is the killing of an unborn human child. If abortion is not murder then is the unborn child not a human?

Every human alive make choices, no matter the situation or circumstances. We all make decisions everyday, every second. We each make our own choices in life, but there is one choice that we can't choose. One thing that it out of our reach. Who are parents are is something none of us can choose. The unborn child did not choose their parent, but their parents can choose to either keep them or kill them. A newborn is the most innocent out of us all. A child can grow up to be anyone, anybody, be it a politician, a renown scientist, a CEO or the US president. The possibilities for them are endless, but one thing for sure. They are the one who will carry on our legacy when we pass. They are the one who will hold our nation when it falls to its knees and built it back up. The future of our race lies on our children and yet, we are killing them.

There is an idiom that says, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” (One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure). I am not saying that a child is trash. The idiom means that what you may not see as valuable may be valuable to others. For those that wish to abort their child, there are many people out there that wish to adopt a child. There are websites dedicated to this act of adopting a child. You may not want a child, but others may. Don’t kill your child when others want them. 75% of abortions are done for those that are poor (Frazzini, Kevin). Having finance to help support those that wish to keep their child but can’t because they can’t support them, will help reduce the number of abortions per year, better yet, per day. There are many options to choose other than abortion. Don’t walk blindly and narrowly, there are other path to choose from.

Abortion has its good side as well. If the pregnancy endanger the bearer then it is understandable to abort the child to keep the bearer safe. Victims or rape may not wish to keep a child that will remind them of the horrified act against them. It is understandable for abortion to happen in these situations. Even though it is understandable it is still wrong, but I can’t judge them for their reasons. I have not experiences what they have experience, I can’t judge them based on their actions alone. However, no matter the reasons, abortion is still the act of killing an unborn child.

Future president, I am not asking you to make abortion illegal but don't encourage our female population to murder an innocent child. Don’t let them easily end a life that is yet to live. We are a country, we are the people, but who will carry on our legacy, who will uphold our nation, who will rise when we fall. Our children will carry on our legacy, our children will uphold our nation, our children will rise when we fall.


Bee Yang

Grade 10

Central High School 

St. Paul Central High School

Approaching Analysis Hours 4 and 5

10 Quest 4th and 5th hour students

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