Melissa A. Florida

Consideration For The Next Generation

The next generation is almost ready to take over, so this nation must be ready for them.

Dear Next President,

I hope you are enjoying your stay at the White House, though before you get comfortable I'd like to mention a major problem growing in our country. Now I'm sure you're already planning on how to fix all the issues America has but this one I'm about to mention has an impact on the overall future of our society as a whole. I'm sorry to say it but America has become known as a huge joke. We've been reduced down into a nation full of people that get offended too easily and are quick to attack others in violent ways to get our point across. Something must be done about this. I know you must be terribly busy but I beseech you to look deeper into this. We must not only think of how all this violence influences the future generation, but how it hurts the people currently living it.

This world already has enough hatred in it as is. Why add more? We are all human beings yet some of those refuse to see this as a reality, as a truth, because others don't look like them. There are a few Disney movies that have helpful messages in them to aid the healing of this nation. In the Disney animated film, Pocahontas, she sung the phrase, "You think the only people who are people, are the people who look and think like you, but if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you'll learn things you never knew you never knew." There are many people who are trying to make an effort toward a better world but, the aggression is only rising. The children are getting roped into a hoop of never ending, prejudice, hatred, violence, demeaning of others and negative emotions all around.

I hope you signed up for this job as our president, our director, our leader, so that you could play a positive role in healing our nation. America doesn't need to be "great again" because the definition of great keeps changing. What was great then isn't great now. We need to be amazing now so that we can be even more so in the oncoming years. I pray that this letter reaches you safely and that it inspires you, to do your best to increase the overall happiness of ALL the people in this nation we call home.


Melissa Arroyo