Kiin N. Minnesota

Women's Rights

Women around the world deserve equality.

Dear Next President,

Women don't get equal rights . Women should get the education they need, earn equal pay, and not be labeled as property. The reason women aren't equal is because of sexism. Women, especially in developing countries, are the “property” of men. The men make women seem like they are weak, but what they need to understand is that women are stronger than they think. This is a serious issue and not everyone understands.

Women should get the education they need. Because of gender inequality, females have a lack of education and fewer job opportunities than males. Some women in developing countries, like Somalia, don't even get education because their “leaders” think it's unnecessary for women to be educated. They think that education is meant for males because if women get educated, it's “wasting money and resources” ( I think they are wrong because a woman is a person who has a right to education just like a man does. What they don't understand is that higher education for women can lead to higher economic growth and is good for business (UN Women). In the US, 60% of women graduate with masters and 40% of men do (US News). So you, dear future president, can help those females in need of an education by sending supplies and teachers to go and help them with their educational growth.

Women should get equal pay. Why do women get paid less? Women earn 60%-75% of what men earn (UN Women). This occurs because women do “less productive” and “informal” work (UN Women). The men are saying that women’s jobs don't matter. In many work forces, women aren't allowed to have the same job as men; this is a form of discrimination and segregation. This shouldn't be happening because women are just as tough as men, but hey, who knows, maybe tougher. I think those who say women don't do formal work are wrong because most women do the same exact job as men and, according to Institute for Women’s Policy Research, still get paid 20% less. For some families, the women is the one who takes care of the family. So imagine if you were a single mother that works her butt off for her children and still get paid less, how would you feel? Women have a lot of responsibility, even for unpaid work so, women should get equal pay.

Women shouldn't be labeled as property. Although we in the US have rights such as voting, being able to work and getting an education, women in developing countries don't. For men in developing countries, women are property. They say women in developing countries are property because “Property doesn't need to be consulted about where it's put, what is extracted from it or forced into it. Property has no voice and cannot shape policy or choices. Property can be moved, discarded or demolished and if it breaks under the load, it can be easily replaced” (Huffington Post). These men are wrong because women have the capability of being their own person and not being dragged around by men. They shouldn't be forced on whether they want to have children or not, and they shouldn't be judge if they want to get an abortion. So dear future president, what I'm asking you is to talk to leaders of developing countries and encourage them to give their women more rights and freedom. Let the women live the way they want, who they want to be and not be controlled by men.

What I'm trying to say here is that women are human beings and they should be treated like they are. They shouldn't be treated as property, getting little to no education or getting paid less because of their gender. Women treated like they're not worth it or aren't worth living in a society clearly states that men are sexist and are not fair. So, dear future president, I'm asking you to stand up for women because they are the reason behind us being brought into the world.


Kiin Nuur

10th grade

St. Paul, MN

St. Paul Central High School

Approaching Analysis - Hours 2 and 3

This is a sophomore honors class at St. Paul Central High School in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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