cale Indiana

The Keystone XL pipeline.

In this letter I will be talking about The Keystone XL pipeline. This is a pipeline for an oil that is quite dangerous.

Dear Presidential Candidate,

I will be talking about the environmental effect from the keystone XL pipeline.This is still an ongoing debate about it and many believe it's not healthy due to the cancer it can cause and the impact on the environment that this oil can cause. This oil is much harder to access than the oil caches under the surface and under the sea bed. If that wasn't enough this pipeline will go through a massive lake (which many are afraid may leak) along with many properties like farms, ranches and, some small cities. These farmers/ranchers, native americans, and celebs voted no for this pipeline while businessmen vote yes.

In addition to the many impacts this oil will have on the pollution, this oil is 17% more greenhouse gasses than regular oil. To get to this oil in the first place we have to cut down trees and extract these tar sands in an area bigger than England. I support those who are against the pipeline, this is our only planet and we have to treat it right by investing in cleaner energy like solar power or hydro plants. People will always disagree and they are either confused or people who just like money (i respect those opinions but it doesn’t mean i have to like them). My and many others opinions are the right choice because this oil will increase pollution and wouldn't be worth this dirty oil.

Again the pollution is so serious that while mining, the tar sands are polluting nearby lakes and rivers(you can see the lakes and rivers from space). I propose a law to and for Canada, this law would stop the mining of tar sands. To get this law approved by everyone I would tell them the dangers of this oil that it causes a unusual cancer, that it’s dirty oil pollutes more than any normal oil. I will get the senate to like this idea that we shouldn't pollute our only home and cause this cancer to mass effect us. And you Mr/Ms president will help, you will help this world be by less polluted from this dirty oil(china is already really bad with its pollution we wouldn't want to be another China now do we?).

In conclusion the Keystone XL pipeline can destroy us with its dirty oil. can we really trust ourselves not to cause a massive leak in this pipeline, can we really trust these businessmen? If we stop this dirty oil mining and push a law to Canada, can we be safe from this dirty oil? I will get the senate the representatives and YOU to agree to this law that we should save our only home. Mr/Ms president do you want our home ravaged by this cancer by this pollution, please save us from this dirty oil.


Cale Sower


8th grade

Towles New Tech

Fort Wayne, Indiana