Kieran Minnesota

Gun control

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President, I feel that guns are to easy too get your hands on in America. We need to enforce more laws that will help with this problem. We need to make it more difficult to get a gun in the United States. There is a loophole where anyone can get a gun if he or she buys it from a gun show. This needs to be stopped. There needs to be a background search on these people who are buying the guns to make sure they are responsible adults that know gun safety. People with felonies could still be able to get guns through this loophole. This is not ok! I also feel that people who are going to get a gun have to pass a safety course or a test showing how to use a weapon and how to be safe with it. There should also be an age limit on who can use a gun to help prevent any accidents from occurring. I also feel that it should be mandatory to have your guns locked in a safe or have gun locks on them to prevent injuries also. On average, about 10 people are shot because gun owners think they are home invaders, and they try to protect themselves even though it could be a family member or a friend. I think these laws would help prevent accidents and will also prevent the wrong people from getting guns. Sincerely, Kieran

Gun control should be enforced