Madi A. Minnesota

Education Changes

The education needs changes starting at an early age across the nation and these changes can be made.

Dear Next President,

The educational system needs some changes, and as a high school student I believe that the improvements need to start at an early age. Children at the preschool through first grade system learn best with hands on activities. Not only do they think more, but they interact more too. The educational system is adding technology which can be a blessing and a curse. I believe that students need to learn how to write on paper with a pencil rather than an iPad and stencil. Students need to learn how to be creative rather than relying on graphics to entertain them. Learning how to work with technology is important, but limiting the use of technology in the education system is equally as important.

Children should spend more time learning outside than learning inside. Being outside teaches children how to see how things work and how the world around them is. They learn to watch bugs, feel objects, see, and listen to the outdoors. Young minds can be shown nature walks and taught how to be more observant, and they will be more curious. Being outdoors is a greater experience than an iPad with graphic bugs. Finding these traits outdoors can carry through the school doors and into the classroom because children will be more willing to get creative and learn more.

These are just a few things that I think need to be adjusted and schools across the nation could be changed. These changes in the education system can be changed by you. Limiting technology and being outdoors more during the school day are a few things that could be taken into consideration for the schools in America. As president, please look into improving the educational system for the next generations of students in America.


Madi A.