Jalen Minnesota


Dear future president, I think we should limit the number of immigrants that come into the country even though that is basically how our country was formed. The reason back then is because we did not have a big population and had more open jobs. It was a big country back then for that small number of people. The reason why I think we should have a system for it is because the immigrants are taking all of our jobs, so I think we should monitor the number of immigrants that come into our country, but not let all of them in. I also think that we should monitor them by checking and seeing if they are a part of any terrorist groups. We also should check if they have bad criminal records and stuff like that. If the immigrants just keep coming in our country, our economy will not do so well. The reason why the economy would crash is because they are taking our money and bringing it back to their country. They also would run us Americans out of business because they would work for less money than us. Our schools would be more crowded because they would probably bring their kids here for a better life. Then we would not have enough policemen to control everything and firemen to control their stuff. Overall after time our country would come to a big mess and be way too over populated. Sincerely, Jalen