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College Costs

Reasons why college prices should be lowered

Dear President,

College costs are growing yearly and that is expected to continue. This specific topic is very important to me knowing I will be going to college in a couple of years. I think the next president should make regulations keeping pricing on tuition down because it is difficult for kids fresh out of high school to pay, less people go due to prices, and student loans are becoming more expensive.

Kids fresh out of high school can’t get the jobs needed to pay for college with tuition costs so high. Even parents worry about their kids being able to pay. Student loan hero says, “66% of parents who send their kids to college are worried about their kids being able to afford tuition.” If college prices keep going up the number of people unable to pay will also increase. We need to decrease prices to make college more affordable for all.

Fewer people are going to college due to prices. College board trends says, “College tuition costs are rising 13% every year.” If this continues our economy will experience problems because jobs that need to be filled by college educated students will not be able to be filled if people can’t get their degrees because of prices. Forbes says, “only 17% of people have an undergraduate degree.” If we don’t solve the problem of fewer people going to college it could have a large effect on our economy.

Student loans are getting more expensive as well. Not only does the price effect your college, after college student loans are still there to haunt you. U.S. News says, “the average student loan is $28,077 and the number is just growing.” Once you graduate college you start paying bills and taxes. Student loans on top of that effect people's financial plans. Across America it is estimated there is a total of $1.3 trillion in student loan debt. We need to find out how to make student loans cheaper so we can start working off America's debt.

These three factors if taken control of the right way can all lower the price of College tuitions, making college affordable to all. These actions of lowering prices must be taken to help Americans get more than just their high school diplomas. If we can do this it will help make America great again.



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