Ryan Idaho

Gun Control

My paper covers how lax gun control affects the U.S. in negative ways and how we can take steps to fix them.

October 19, 2016

Dear Future President,

Owning guns in America has been around since the writing of the Bill of Rights in 1791. And over time, it has become part of American culture. But recently whether or not we should be allowed to own guns has become a big issue. While, the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights allows Americans to own guns, qualification for owning a gun needs to be increased.

I’m not as focused as people not owning guns at all, as much as I am them falling into the wrong hands, and with mass shooting and gun violence happening everywhere I would say that guns are falling into the wrong hands almost every day due to gun trafficking and illegal gun sales. This means the U.S. is slowly becoming more and more unsafe. This is why it is crucial to improve our gun control methods.

Gun shows are popular and are great if you looking to sell your guns because lots of gun-loving people flock to these shows, but the bad part is that most of the guns are sold without in-depth background checks and can be sold to the wrong people very easily. Another way guns get sold without background checks is over the internet. This method of illegal gun sales is referred as “the loophole” by the U.S. senate. This means that guns are relatively easy to access which is very bad for public safety. ABC News shows that 6 of the 12 deadliest shooting have happened since 2007. Which is bad news for everyone.

Now that guns are easier to access, bad people can get guns and do bad things with them like massing shooting or just gun violence in general. Being affected by a mass shooting is devastating and can affect people that weren't even there for the rest of their lives. Just this year the biggest mass shooting ever in the U.S. happened with casualties at 50 deaths and 53 injuries, according to the Los Angeles Times. Plus, with rising threats of a terrorist attack on the U.S. we need gun control laws more than ever.

Though it is valid that being able to easily access a gun is very useful for protection, but if everyone has a gun then people are more likely to get hurt because of the power that guns wield. Even though they can make people feel a lot safer this allows for more gun violence, shootings, and gun accidents. So flooding the US with more guns is not the solution.

Though this problem may seem very big and very complicated it has an extremely simple solution. Luckily, things are looking up because the White house has put out laws that with help curb gun control. NCSL reports that; “new background check requirements that will enhance the effectiveness of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, and greater education and enforcement efforts of existing laws at the state level.” They also plan to double the personal and increase budget by $4 million. This means that more time, money and resources are used to end gun violence.

Gun control could be stopped if we slowed down and took the time to fully deal with the issue. Guns are already scary to be around but having one pointed at you feels even worse. No one should have to experience that feeling. So lets work together to make this problem disappear forever, by increasing gun control.



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