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Civil liberties

Protect American's Civil Liberties

Dear Future President of the United States of America ,

I am writing to you about a serious matter that needs to be taken care of . As you may know it has become a major problem with the government abusing the civil liberties and civil rights of the people . The people of this country have been deprived of even their basic freedoms . The law has taken in own hands to decide what some people can or cannot do . This is where I believe the law is overstepping and using the authority they were given to take things away that aren't theirs to take .

As a child, I never knew about black or white , gay or straight , and as a child I didn't realize how much hate there was in the world . Unfortunately that all changed as I grew up . Now I have family and friends who are singled out because of something that they can't control . I have seen certain groups , such as Latinos , blacks , gays , Hispanics , and many more being treated like they are less than human. The law takes part in this . Some of the police believe that others should be treated based on their ethnicity and sexual orientation . The people of the United States are impacted by this issue because it's the people who are targeted . The people who have a different skin color or a different way of talking are the ones affected by this issue .

As you already know people have been reacting to this issue in protest . Many athletes have been refusing to stand for the national anthem . Colin Kaepernick is a NFL player for the 49ers . He refused to stand for the national anthem to show is support for the people affected by this issue . Many of the people who are close to this issue have also gathered in protest .Families , friends , and people of the same minority group gather together to show how they feel about the issue , and there seems that nothing is being done about it . Not everyone looks at the issue the same way . Some of the people believe the police are doing what's best for the people . They believe the police are acting in self defense and they aren't doing this out of hatred towards this minority group . I believe you can change this by showing the people how awful these officers of the law are treating these people--your people . You have to take action and you have got to fix this problem . I believe you should start by proposing laws that make it illegal for police and others to take away the civil rights and liberties of the people of the United States of America .

I hope you are able to fix this issue so our country can function as one and there can be peace between all groups of people . I don't want the people of this country to feel scared of the people who are supposed to protect us .

Sincerely, A worried citizen of America