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Why Hispanic people need to work in risking areas with bad conditions?

Dear President Obama, I would like to know why people who are Hispanic and doesn't know English needs to work in bad work areas. I know that don't knowing the language in America is really hard and is even harder when you try to earn some money for your family when you are being exploited for corrupt and racist bosses. Try to survive with those conditions are really hard, families are being separated, are living afraid that some day their bosses are going to fired if they don't put their lives in risk every day for working hard without food,water and breaks. This is not anymore the American Dream that we used to know, this is now the punishment that every Hispanic needs to do for came in America. We want to have our families together, we want to live in a country in where people used to have the same rights as the Americans, we want America to be what was used to be. I really hope that this amazing nation realized that some people are not respecting others as good Americans do. We are not different from others, we are all the same. Please President Obama help your people to move on, to protect our rights and to be treated as everyone else in this country is treated.

Thank you for your time Dear President Obama. 

With respect and admiration Carolina Huerta , student from San Marcos High School, CA. 

San Marcos High School

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