Matt H.

Violence or Change?

How did Black Lives Matter come to be, and how is it affecting our nation?

Every year, homicides happen. Although crime rates have lowered, homicide is still a problem. During and after the Civil Rights movement, some people thought of the idea to use the ideas of change and growth and twist them to hate and ignorance, just the things they supposedly fight against. “Organizations” such as the Black Panthers developed strict ideologies of anti-semitism, black supremacy, and the support of killing police. They took the noble cause of Martin Luther King Jr. and twisted it to suit their base ideals of murder and superiority. Although this group has lost much of its traction, splinter groups have still lingered. One of these groups has arisen recently, Black Lives Matter. As a president, are you really okay with this violence and hate happening right before your eyes?

Black Lives Matter is an organization formed sometime after a police officer shot Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black kid in 2012. He thought a gun was being flashed at him so he shot, yet several people decided to label it racism. This strikes a chord with people, more specifically, a certain demographic. Poor, black people. People who live in poor neighborhoods, raised by poor parents. Cities like Chicago, Detroit, New York, LA. They tend to feel that the white man has left them, without any government help, in slums to form gangs and fend for themselves. So when they see a young man shot by a police officer, they go crazy and blame it on racism, better yet, systemic racism, making tweets and Facebook posts condemning all white people because of what a few do. Then, malleable white people think they are at fault, their race is the problem, so they join in too. Soon, everyone has hopped on the hate train. And then what?

People take advantage. People who call themselves leaders, false prophets, per se, use blanket statements to elicit a fighting spirit. Then, they fight. Baltimore, Maryland, 2015. 15 police officers are critically injured. Ferguson, Missouri, 2014. Buildings are burned, looted, police officers assaulted, highways and streets blocked, restlessness and anarchy perpetrated. These are just a few of the big ones. Recently, after the death of Fidel Castro, Black Lives Matter made a post commending the dictator for his harboring of FBI Most Wanted criminals. Countless other small scraps, encounters on the brink of violence. There is just no way this will go away on it’s own,no way it won’t escalate. Someone has to intervene.

And the one person who can do that, is our president. You can talk to Congress, strengthen police forces, have a state of the Union address. Televise it, make people aware, tell them to not be swayed by the voices of agitators and rabble-rousers. Someone has to do something, and it’s you.

Thank you for reading my letter this far, and I hope you take this into consideration during your time in the Oval Office.