Aynslee A.

The pay wage gap

Women are paid less than men for specific employments and are less likely to get hired.

Dear Mister or Madam President,

My name is Aynslee and I believe that something needs to be done about the pay wage gap. I believe that both genders and all races should have equal pay.   As of April 12,  2016 , African-American women were paid 60% of what white men were paid, and Latina women were paid 55% of what white men were paid. Women between the ages of 18 and 24 were paid 88% of what men their age were paid, and women age 35 and older were paid 76% of what men their age were paid.  

I believe that all people, no matter their age, race, religion, or gender should all be paid equally.In 2012,  the Unit drilling Company refused to hire women and were sued for not having hired a woman since 2008. I believe that women should be able to have an equal chance as any man to get whatever job she would like, and when hiring workers they shouldn’t have their gender part of whether or not they get the job. I also think that it is wrong that in 2015 Monsey Trails ferries Hasidic Jews were sued for never hiring women drivers. I believe that no companies should be able to base a person’s job opportunity on their gender or the color of their skin.

I also believe it is wrong that men have a 15% more chance of getting promoted at their job than women and also men are most likely not to start at the bottom of a company unlike women.