Eric California

Police Brutality

Police brutality has to be stopped as soon as possible.

Dear Future President,

     Police brutality has to stop. Police brutality just makes people hate each other more. Police officers have been killing black people for no reason. That is just so wrong. Why would officers do that? Do they just not care? Are they just racist? For whatever reason it must stop. In 2015, it has been found that 32 percent of black people killed by police where unarmed. Police officers are here to keep us safe, not to be killing us for no reason.

     I feel that if police brutality continues, everything is going to go bad. People won't have as much respect for them as they would want. People will probably even kill them because of how mad they are getting when the police kill for no reason. So, to make everything better and safer, police brutality has to stop. Once they stop police brutality some people will have more respect for them, all they have to do is keep us safe because that is their job.

     So, future president, I hope you can do something about this. It will stop many problems. Many people will be a lot happier. All you have to do is make a law that includes not having police brutality.


Eric Morales Corrales