Emily A.

Police brutality

It is time to end police brutality.

Dear Mister / Madam President :

My name is Emily A.  I am writing about police brutality and police lives. Not about how the police are “killing innocent people”, but how people are saying that all policemen and women are bad and how they “killed that innocent man because he is African-American.” I understand that some policemen are bad. Not everyone is good, but people shouldn’t be saying that the police killed someone because they’re African American. All lives matter !   It should not  just be dirrected at a certain race.

When the police officers arrest someone,  they have a reason. If they arrest addicts, then the adicts are probably selling or doing illegal drugs. If they arrest a mentally ill person, then that person is probably causing a problem in the community or is going to harm someone. The police are making the community safer from the people who will try to hurt us, but then people hurt the policemen and women who are trying to help us!

Police officers are risking their lives for us and they are leaving their families to help keep bad guys off the streets. Some officers have had to shoot and kill someone because they were harming or was going to harm someone. Knowing that you have taken a life from this world is a very difficult thing to overcome, but the police do it anyway to make sure that the innocent are safe and out of danger. Police lives matter, too !

They give us justice when we aren’t able to get it ourselves. They save women’s and children’s lives from men that beat them at home. I know people say that they are racist against African-Americans and Latinos.  Some may be racist, but a whole lot aren’t. So, please help me in getting the word  out that police lives matter, too !   Their lives matter and they have families,  too,  just like other people.  


 Emily A.  (Sacramento, CA)