Angel H. California

Illegal Abortion

Are you a murder ? Are you killing babies if you are. I think abortion should be illegal

Dear Future President,

I am here to discuss a topic that is very important to me and other people. I believe that aborting a baby should be illegal. Why you ask? I say this because you are killing a human being and that human being should have the right to live, that human could have been a bright light to this world. I know a lot of people say ¨not your body not your business¨. So they don’t have the right to kill a baby and people refer to them as murder. “Over 3,000 babies are aborted each single day in the U.S.A” (worldometers) we need to put a STOP to this and now.

I am asking the President to make a change like abortion should be illegal and if they don’t want the baby they could put the baby on foster care if you think about it making the choice to put it in foster were someone would actually love the baby than killing a human and a lot of babies are aborted each year so that's why I want abortion to be illegal.

Again dear President, this is why I want abortion illegal because you are killing a human being that could have been a bright light to our world.