Coel M.


I'm writing about bullying and its devastating effects.

Dear Future President,

Iā€™m here to talk about what I believe should be fixed which is bullying in schools. Bullying,  as of 2015 is at a high rate.  One (1)  in  four ( 4 ) people had a chance being bullied or  about 22%. Also, it is reported that less than 50% of bullies get reported and punished. The other part of that percentage does not say they get bullied. 

Here are some reasons we should end bullying.    The 10th deadliest cause of death in the U.S. is suicide and bullying is identified as one of the causes.   Only some of the people who get bullied and attempt suicide are saved. That is what bullying can cause: harm to one's self and even leading to suicide.

Another effect of bullying is emotional damage.  It can cause dark thoughts or depression. It can also cause the loss of trust within a friendship.   Some friends won't allow you to tell them about being bullied.  Another possible reason  for this break in friendship is the lack of support.  Some friends  think they  can and will bully you because you're seen as weak.

The final effect would be  bad grades. After being bullied, the  kid will have to deal with worrying about being bullied again and not be able to focus on school work.  It becomes hard to  learn while emotionally or physically injured. 

These are my reasons for why we should end bullying.                                                                                   Thank you for taking your time to read this.


Coel M.

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