Taylor B. Iowa

Letter to President

Women's Rights

Dear President,

I’ve noticed something is a little off balance with the way men and women are getting treated. I am a woman, so this issue is very clear to me. We do not get the same respect and privileges as men. Most of America can honestly say women should get equal pay and the same respect as men. Someone needs to step up and create ways to change the United States in beneficial ways for all the citizens. This will make us a stronger country with more equality.

The first issue I am concerned with is the issue of having equal pay, as men and women are paid differently even when working the same job at the same place. This needs to change as soon as possible because women work just as hard and are capable of performing the same tasks as men. Another problem I’m aware of is the choice of an abortion. This choice should automatically go to women. Women are the ones who give birth and have no choice but to raise the child. Men are able to leave and ditch the child if they wanted to while women are stuck with all the responsibility.

I’m ready to fight for the rights I deserve, and I would like you to consider my opinions when you’re making decisions in the future. Women’s rights need to be enforced. By making these changes, you would really be showing America that you’re a loyal president. Equal rights for women will make the United States a better society. Please be that true leader we all expect you to be. Thanks!


Taylor B.