$yl Allieu California

Dear Future President,

Free College Tuition.

My name is Syl, and I live San Jose, California. I am writing you because America is good with some flaws and I believe some colleges should have free tuition. When you are president, I hope that you will help Americans by doing this. In my experience, I have seen many brilliant people not get the education they deserve because their family could not afford to pay for their college tuition.

Education is an important issue in America because many people do not go to school then they may become homeless or not as successful as they could have been. I believe this because I see many people living in streets but if college tuition was free they could be doing something that could benefit them. According to trade-schools.net , it can be said that β€œmore people would be able to take the good-paying jobs that often go unfilled.” Plenty of jobs needing people to work for them demonstrates that if colleges were free many companies will not be looking for workers because most people will have learning experience. Based on research. Homelessness draws attention to the fact that we are doing something wrong if somebody can't even have money to buy food or clothing for themselves.

In conclusion, universities and colleges should have free tuition. When you are president, I hope that you will support laws that will help make this happen. I also hope that you will be a great president to all of the American people.



Campbell Middle School

Ms. Caudle's Class

Ms. Caudle's eighth grade classes at Campbell Middle School

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