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The Image of A Nation

The basis of this letter inquires of what policies each candidate stands for, and if they intend to remain sound in their decisions. This letter also puts a great deal of emphasis as to the image each candidate provides for themselves.

  To whom it may concern; this is a rhetorical question, as if you are elected president, this will concern the nation,

What is it that you are truly in supposition of? What is it that you truly imply when you say things… for the longest while, we have witnessed how you are in opposition to so many conflictions, to your presidential candidate - so seen as an enemy of sorts within the eye of the public, or the eye of the media, the glass lens of a camera - but I have yet to hear in clarification what it is you stand for. Oh, how your words twist around one another’s as well... or twisted, more likely as this will be a letter delivered to you once you have become president. It seems that your words and the advocations of your previous candidate twisted and coiled around each other until it was all lost in the flush of anger and the sold grimace of scrutiny, the both of you in complete disbelief of the other’s words.

Words. That seems to be all this is; a series of words and well rounded arguments, but little focus placed on your past achievements, or failures even, using examples as to how to better yourself for the country you perceive in your mind’s eye, not for yourself, but for the nation you wish to lead. I have yet to firmly grasp what it is you’ve done, or intend to do, ergo the thought of voting, the very idea of doing so, is like a blind wager. The things I stand for and support, opinions of abortion, gun control, federal taxes and minimum wage, they’ve all been lost in a sea of nonsense and verbal assault, circumventing the intended thesis of a topic with directed insults at one another. Though I seem to have a grasp as to what I think you support, or how you intend to aid the conflict, I do not have an assured grasp, nor the comfort of knowing that your mind won’t spontaneously change from one moment to the next.

This letter seems fairly specific, to be directed at a foreshadowed president that has naught but a month to face election, and yet this letter stands for either candidate.

You are the face of a nation, the expression for other countries to hold dear to. You are the summation of this country, a representation of what it is we stand for. Please, be courteous and kind whence referring to nations that you state you know naught of, or even little of. Give lenience towards others in which you do not agree with. There was a debate not a night ago in which I witnessed both candidates say some rather intimidating things about Russia; and yet, within the same subject, both candidates mocked and complemented this nation (Russia). It was very peculiar, to witness one cry for the aid of someone they openly disgrace. Disgrace is a rather kind word for it, in truth, but I suppose the formality of this letter represents a certain level of professionalism.

But in accordance to some, words are simply that: words. Action, after all, this the tangible justification of what a man stands for.

So I plead to you, kindly: show respect for other countries in the way you represent us, the nation, and even the individuals such as I. Take action in a way that we have yet to see, and show us what it is you stand for in more than just words, but in actions. Consider your image as well as ours.

Minarets High School

Minarets Econ/Gov

Seniors from Minarets High School in O'Neals, CA

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